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    Lorine S. Thomas

    Poet and fiction author

The twists and turns only get crazier as time passes by and gives a whole new meaning to that old saying: Cross your heart and hope to die…..



 About Lorine S. Thomas

Lorine S. Thomas is the author of the thrillers, “Cross Your Heart”,“Beauty and Bloodshed" and; is currently working on the third book in the series that follows the characters Det. Joseph Hall, Dr. Samantha Reece and ADA Geoffery Calloway.


Lorine’s early childhood was filled with a passion of reading just about anything that caught her attention and captured her imagination. She read things between the Sweet Valley High series to anything by V.C. Andrews. She soon found that along with reading, she developed a talent for storytelling and writing, specifically the form of poetry.


It wasn’t until she was in her adult years when she dove into her first thriller, “The Switch” by Sandra Brown, and that got her hooked on that genre. She soon found herself enthralled in the books by James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown, just to name a few. She marveled at how they were able to write such captivating stories and characters and often wondered what their secret was.


She would soon find that out, when in 2006, she came up with the crazy idea of seeing if she had what it took to put pen to paper and write a full length story. At first not quite sure where to start, she looked for ideas everywhere but nothing seemed to light the inspiration bulb. And then after weeks of nothing, the idea just came to her in the middle of one winter’s cold night.


Between the late hours at her full-time job, long spans of writer’s block and then finally a damaged beyond repair computer, she didn’t think that she would ever complete the first draft. But soon, the block lifted and her husband gifted her with a brand new laptop for Christmas. And that was all the motivation she needed to finish her greatest challenge. It was hard work and very tiring but she persevered and in February of 2015, she published the finish project.


Lorine currently resides in North Carolina with her loving husband and has the love and support of her five wonderful step-children and three spirited grandchildren.

To order her latest release, Beauty and Bloodshed, visit Amazon.com


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