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Hey Ya’ll,

Just wanted to take a little time out to let you all know what’s been happening lately. Two things of importance happened quite recently. Firstly, I went to my very first author’s event in the form of BookCon. I was extremely nervous prior because I haven’t done anything like this before. But, I must say, it was an experience that I will forever treasure. Not only did I get to meet some talented writers, but I got to meet and talk to tons of readers and fans. They asked questions and I answered them. It was amazing and it only made me want to further my writing. So, stay posted and I will let you all know when the next one is coming!

Then, on Saturday, I ascended to another level: I turned 40!!! I was a bit depressed leading up to it, but within the last few months, I started embracing my milestone. I have learned and been through a lot in my life and I can’t wait for what is in store in the next chapter of my life. I had an awesome birthday weekend, thanks to my wonderful husband. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in my life. He has supported me in my craziness and was the one to push me into completing and publishing my book. In many ways, he is my coach in life.

So, that’s what has been happening lately. Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead and enjoy the long weekend, if you have the chance. Take care!

Love ya’ll

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