Helping Hand

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Support.  No matter who we are or what we do in life, sooner or later, we will all need some form of support.  Whether it be emotional, spiritual, or physical.  It is, at its core, a way for us to bond together in this life and think of someone else outside of ourselves.

The events that have taken place in this world over the last month or so has shown many of us at our worse.  But, it is the light of those who stood up and lent a shoulder to lean on and a hand to help that has shone the brightest in the midst of all of the darkness.  From Manchester to Charlottesville, to Texas, people have shown that in the presence of hardship, we are indeed united as one. 

With the impending landfall of Hurrican Irma later this week, this strength will again be tested.  Family will forge together, and strangers will undoubtedly become family.  Giving one another the support we all need to get through these trying and difficult times. 

Be someone’s rock.  Be there to hold someone’s hand or wipe away a tear.  Be someone’s comfort in the midst of a storm.  Let someone know that you care.  Be someone’s light in the darkness.  Just be…


Lorine XOXO

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